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Should Your Phone Greetings Offer More than One Language?

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Have you been looking for a way to grow your business and boost sales?

Something you may not have thought of yet is translating your phone greetings into another language, like Spanish!

Using voice over translation to offer your phone greeting in another language can help bring you customers that were previously out of reach. Plus, catering to speakers of other languages boosts customer trust and loyalty to your brand.

Want to learn more about why your business should use a voice over translation service?

Read on to learn all about offering your phone greetings in other languages!

Benefits of Having More Than One Language

There are many benefits to offering your phone greetings in more than one language but no matter what sector your business is in, it is likely it will benefit in at least one of these ways, if not more!

You’ll Gain New Customers

First and foremost, offering your phone greetings in another language will bring you customers that you didn’t have access to before.

Someone who may have previously hung up because they only spoke another language will not feel intimidated as they will be able to hear the selection in their native language.


According to US government census data, more than 8% of the United States population does not speak English fluently.

Therefore, if your company does not offer translation services, but would like to cater to ALL American customers, you are missing out on 8% of potential sales.

This is a large portion of customers when you consider that the United States population is currently 333 million people!

Non-English-Speaking Markets are Underserved

Not only will your potential pool of customers expand, but because many companies skip voice over translation services, this market of non-English speakers is typically underserved.

Your business will likely face less competition if you try to market your product to those who don’t speak English.

A recent survey found that this was especially true in North America where Spanish speaking peoples have little, if no access to mental health care among other products and services they need on a daily basis.

If your business steps up and offers a translated phone message like those found on Amazing Voice, you will find that you gain customers in the translated demographic easier than ever before.

This doesn’t just apply to the United States.


In a recent census, it was found that only 75% of Canadians speak English fluently, with the remaining speaking French.

Except for 1.8% of Canadians that don’t speak either English or French.

This remaining 1.8% speaks mostly Mandarin Chinese.

This means that if your business doesn’t offer French translation for phone greetings in Canada, you miss catering to a customer base of over 7 million people.

Your business could be missing out on a further few hundred thousand people by not offering Mandarin Chinese as a translation option.

Don’t want to miss out on that many potential customers?

Contact Amazing Voice today to get started on your voice over translation for your company’s phone greeting.

Customers Feel More Comfortable

Although the number of bilingual people around the world is growing, customers may feel uncomfortable if they aren’t able to discuss a product in their native language.

This is especially true for customers looking to buy in the healthcare and personal products field as there are many difficult to translate words in these fields.

Customers are reassured when they hear their native language on your phone greetings, and a potential customer that may have hung up because they didn’t have a translator will be more likely to stay on the line.


According to one Business Wire survey, customers were much more likely to purchase a product when they heard it explained in their native language as this made them feel more confident in what they were buying.

When you look at these facts, it can be easy to see how translating your phone message can have far reaching implications for something that is so easy to set up!

Only 17% of the World Speaks English

According to Babbel, English is only spoken by about 17% of the world.

If your business wants to expand and go international, then there is no choice but to offer translation services.

Businesses which forgo translation services for their phone greetings will likely find themselves losing foreign customers who call to ask about the product, only to be greeted with a message they don’t understand.

While it may take some research to discover what language you should translate your voice messages into, based on your market, know that after English, the most widely spoken languages are Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish.

Those who wish to expand into the Asian market would likely benefit from Mandarin or Hindi translation, while those looking to expand into the Americas would benefit from Spanish voice over translations.


These aren’t the only options, however, and your business may need a different language, which is why Amazing Voice offers 122 to choose from—so you can use them no matter what country you are expanding into!

Your Business Can Pull Ahead of the Competition

As worldwide companies become increasingly popular, more and more companies are adding voice over translations to their phone greetings.

Adding these translations is allowing them to build customer bases in other countries before anyone else and gain widespread popularity.

Adding voice over translations will also allow your brand to build trust, because customers in the market are more likely to trust your product when it is explained in their native language.

Then, even if another business later decides to expand into your same market, your business will have already been there for months and already earned the trust of customers.

For example, while it may be odd to consider translating your business phone greeting into a language like Punjabi, if your business is the only one in your sector with this language available, this could give your business a head start in that market.

Remember that expanding into a market takes much more than just a phone greeting, however, and you may also want to consider having other marketing materials translated into the desired language.


Before translating your phone greetings, it is also a good idea to research your prospective market so you know which language will be the most popular there.

There is No Downside

The best benefit of translating your phone greetings into other languages is that there is no downside.

Adding other languages only serves to increase your market reach and boost the growth of sales as your business has access to more customers than ever before.

Customers you may already have may also benefit from the ease of being able to hear all their options in their native language.

Due to the fact that you can’t lose when you translate your phone greeting, there is no reason to wait to do so!

If your business is ready to take the leap, contact Amazing Voice today to get started on your professional voice over, no matter what language you may need it translated to.

Translating Your Current Phone Message

The best place to start when it comes to preparing your business for international expansion is to translate your current phone message.

If your business doesn’t currently have a professional voice over greeting, Amazing Voice can help with that as well.


With experienced speakers well versed on using different tones of voice, all you must do is provide the script and Amazing Voice will do the rest!

If your business already has a professional voice over, however, then translating it is easy.

In this case, you just produce a written copy of your phone message and Amazing Voice will work to accomplish the rest, translating it into your desired language.

If your business has an entire phone tree set up in English, it is no problem to translate each and every prompt to a different language.

Start by writing down every aspect of the tree that needs to be translated, and Amazing Voice will do the rest.

Plus, at Amazing Voice all translators are native speakers, ensuring there will be no errors in your phone message translation, and they will be produced in a dialect that native speakers understand.

If you do happen to find any errors, Amazing Voice offers a guarantee that they will re-record the erroneous portion of your phone message for free.

This is much different than Google Translate which many businesses consider using for translation.

Google Translate does not have any context, and it only translates on a word-by-word basis.


There is a chance that if you use Google Translate for business translations, you could scare off customers by saying the wrong thing or using a word the wrong way.

It will also be very difficult to record yourself speaking in a language you do not understand, which is why you should hire a service with native speakers like Amazing Voice.

Amazing Voice goes far beyond phone messages, however, as they can also translate documents into the specified languages you require.

This means that Amazing Voice is truly your one stop shop for all matters having to do with translation for your business!

Translating Your Phone Message into Spanish

Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world and is the second most spoken language of the United States.

If you think about it, almost an entire continent (South America) speaks Spanish, as well as Central America, some of North America, and parts of Europe.

Adding a Spanish voice over to your phone greeting can have massive implications, especially if your business is situated in the United States where the Spanish community is rapidly expanding.

In the United States alone, 41 million people speak Spanish as their native language, meaning without Spanish voice overs, your business could be losing out on a large percentage of customers.


If that isn’t enough to convince you, the United States also has free trade agreements with many Spanish speaking countries which are listed below:

  • • Chile
  • • Colombia
  • • Costa Rica
  • • Dominican Republic
  • • El Salvador
  • • Guatemala
  • • Honduras
  • • Mexico
  • • Nicaragua
  • • Panama
  • • Peru

Because there is a free trade agreement with these countries, your business could benefit widely by offering your products to them at little or no additional cost to you.

This is especially important when you consider that these countries are home to over 400 million individuals.

But offering your products to these markets will be difficult without a Spanish voice over to greet them when potential customers call, which is why you should order a Spanish voice over for your business today.

At Amazing Voice, you have options for both Latin American Spanish as well as Castilian, both of which are widely spoken in different regions and are not interchangeable.

The Latin American Spanish speakers at Amazing Voice are trained in Neutral or “universal” Latin American Spanish, meaning you can expand to several countries with a single voice over.


Additionally, all speakers at Amazing Voice undergo rigorous training to ensure they speak clearly and professionally to truly give you the clearest and most pristine voice over possible.

Final Thoughts on Translating Your Phone Greetings

Overall, as a business there is no reason not to translate your phone greetings into another language.

There are no negative aspects, and your company only serves to benefit from doing so as you will gain a wider market and have the opportunity to create lasting bonds with customers who may not speak the English language.

Whether you want to expand into foreign territories, or simply gain more customers, a foreign voice over is the way to do it.

Contact Amazing Voice today to get a quote for your perfect voice over no matter what language you need it translated into!

Posted by Amazing Voice. December 06, 2022.
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