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IVR Voice Recordings

Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) recordings are produced in our professional state-of-the-art studios. Our Australian voice overs are optimized for exceptionally smooth playback over any phone system. They are then delivered to you ready-to-use, in your required audio format, AND with your unique filenames, at no extra cost! Amazing Voice truly offers the best IVR voices. Research shows that customers are more attracted to businesses with IVR messages that feel natural.

This is why at Amazing Voice, our voice recordings are recorded with the best Australian voice actors. You don't have to worry about keeping your customers engaged when you opt for our voice recording services.

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IVR Voice Recordings

Amazing Voice did a spectacular job and were very helpful and timely with answering the many questions we had. We had never used a service like this but the pricing and the turnaround time were very nice. Within a week we had our files implemented onto our phone system. I plan to use Amazing Voice again in the future.

Testimonial by Chad Freeman,

The Studio Process

high quality voice

Our professional Australian voice actors are recorded in high-resolution audio, using professional quality microphones to obtain the best possible sound quality and clarity at the source.

Each voice message file is meticulously hand-edited by our professional engineers. Noises and breaths are removed, and all pauses, including the head & tail of each file, are manually adjusted for smooth playback. The end results are crisp, clean, and professional.

We then compress and normalize each file, with a specialized process that we have developed through years of experience, to produce IVR recordings that have consistent volume at all times.

professional IVR recordings

This is especially important for phone system such as dates and number sets. Also, this serves clients who require future additions or changes to their phone system and require uniformity with their existing voice recordings.

The last step in achieving top-notch IVR recordings is the audio file format conversion. Over the years, Amazing Voice has developed a unique and elaborate process that produces outstanding results. We can convert your audio to just about any format - whatever is optimal for your particular phone system.

Our IVR recordings sound amazing over any phone system, whether yours is a hardware PBX, VOIP, or Virtual PBX.

Australian Voice Actors

voice over talent

We are a voice recording service with depth and breadth, and with our extensive roster of professional Australian voice actors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect voice recording for your production. We offer voice recordings in most international languages and can also provide multi-talent and multilingual voice overs.

The essence of our voice recording services lies in the passion that our professional voice actors put into every single recording. At Amazing voice, we understand the need to have professional phone messages that appeal to your customers and communicate your business's values in just a few sentences. All of our voice actors are specially trained to bring every IVR message to life and deliver the best professional voice recordings for your business.

Get the best Australian voice overs and make your phone message stand out!

Fast Turnaround

fast turnaround

Amazing Voice offers fast delivery of your IVR voices. Within four days (for small to medium size orders), you’ll have professional voice over files downloaded on your computer and ready to go!

Regardless of what you need a professional voice recording for - whether it’s voice messages to phone systems and IVR voices - our team of Australian voice actors can always deliver. We can offer you unified voice recordings across all your IVR and phone systems, because we know how essential they are to your brand voice. Our professional voice engineers, production staff, and voice actors can deliver natural and clear voice recordings to you.

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