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Should You Hire a Voice Over Company to Narrate Your Videos?

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Pondering on whether or not to hire a voice over company to narrate your videos?

We understand; it's a crucial decision, and you shouldn't rush it.

After all, the quality of your video will influence your business's course and you should make sure you're investing in all the right resources.

This year, experts estimate that 81% of businesses will use video as a marketing tool - up from 63% since last year.

However, the bigger question is: how many will do video marketing right?

This article aims to help you make up your mind by explaining what a great voice over narration should sound like, and walking you through the most important benefits of working with a voice over company.

But first, let's start by defining what a voice over narration is.

What is voice over narration?


Voice over narration is a technique used to add character, extra details, and cohesiveness to different types of videos and animations.

Sound familiar? You've probably heard tons of narrations by now.

Just think about explainer videos, ads, corporate presentation videos, and even nature documentaries - these are all video formats that heavily rely on a voice that narrates the story.

Usually, the character who's voicing the script remains unseen.

Through specific techniques, voice talents guide the audience and provide vital details for decoding the images on screen.

Take, for example, any ad you've seen recently. Try to watch it on mute, with no subtitles.

We bet you wouldn't make much sense of it, because the voice over is the glue that ties video stories together.

In short, voice overs help drive the action of any business video forward by translating brand messages into relatable actions, feelings, and information.

When done right, a narration can improve brand videos by conveying emotions, articulating key ideas, and adding a much-needed human touch.

That's why the most successful narration videos are performed by professional voice recording artists and voice over companies.

What makes a great voice over narration?

While the visual elements of your video will guide your audience deeper into your brand-story, the audio is what will convince them (or fail to do so).


That's why having an excellent voice over narration starts with stellar audio quality - anything less will be off-putting to your target.

Secondly, an engaging voice gets across as confident and authentic, connecting with audiences at an emotional level.

Of course, it's also one that uses several voice techniques to entice viewers, build suspense, and make believable product/service reveals.

Cadence, rhythm, inflexions, and overall good acting skills all lead up to excellent voice over narrations.

When selecting a voice talent for your videos, pay close attention to how compatible they are with your brand.

Is their vocal timbre appropriate for the message you're trying to send? How about for your business overall?

Audiences have a sixth sense when it comes to feeling whether or not a video was built with their interest in mind or not.

So, to understand what makes a great voice over narration, start with your target and ask yourself, "what do my customers or prospects want or need?"

If you're still lost afterwards, turning to a voice over company will help you solve the puzzle and craft a stellar voice over narration.


What is a voice over company?

There are several ways in which you can record voice over narrations for your business videos.

However, if you want the best quality and the best results, you should reach out to a voice over company.

As a business that provides professional voice recording services, a voice over company is equipped to handle a wide variety of needs.

So no matter your type of video format, whether animated or filmed, a professional business will know exactly how to tackle it.

Here are the top 8 benefits you'll enjoy upon hiring a voice over company - just know that there are plenty more.

8 benefits of working with a voice over company

Business-oriented services

A voice over company doesn't just provide stellar narration recordings but also understands the business environment.

These are professionals who know that you're producing a video with a specific purpose, so they'll dig deep to understand everything about your brand.


Since a voice over narration is such a vital part of a video, it can't be done in a void.

A professional voice over company will know what questions to ask to match you with the best voice talent that can bring your brand story to life.

In the end, it's not about delivering an mp3 file; it's about creating a powerful narration that embodies your business and enhances your video.

Integrated work process

Recording a narration is a complex process that involves more than just reading a script.

If you're aiming for a professional video, all its pieces need to blend perfectly together.

And, since each piece depends on another, they must be developed together and even adapted if necessary.

Voice-over companies know that delivering a terrific narration means going the extra mile, and not skipping steps.

While an amateur voice over will only deliver you an audio file, voice over companies provide a full-experience.

As experts in the field, they follow a thorough collaboration process that includes reaching out to scriptwriters and even video editors to make sure all the pieces fall together.

Plus, they'll know how to work with voice actors to help them nail down the script to your exact requirements.


Top-quality, professional voice recordings

You can't have your business video lacking audio quality; that's simply unacceptable, and it will reflect poorly on your brand.

If you want to grab your audiences' attention, then you owe it to them to deliver a flawless video.

With a voice over company, you'll ensure your video is top-notch, as they'll record only with special equipment and professionals who know how to use it.

Plus, since voice over services only work with pro voice talents, the quality will also reflect their authentic and convincing ability.

The result? A vivid, crystal clear voice recording that will satisfy even the most detail oriented customer.

A diversity of voice talents

Depending on your video's goals and your brand's personality, you'll need a certain type of voice for your narration.

While there are plenty of talented voice actors out there, finding the perfect one to match your brand might prove complicated.

However, with a voice over company, you won't have to find the one by yourself or spend countless days interviewing potential candidates.

Professional services already have a line-up of extremely well-trained actors ready to jump on your project.

And they cover every single type of pitch, tone, fry, rhythm, and resonance.


Flexibility to feedback

Voice over companies are all about the success of their clients.

Combine that with their deep understanding of how this segment of work operates, and you'll get a great recipe for script recordings.

Agencies are aware that feedback is a natural step of the recording process and they'll happily adapt to your specifications.

While an amateur might feel frustrated with mounting feedback, experts understand that flexibility is paramount to the end result.

In fact, they'll even proactively ask for feedback to make sure they deliver to your exact needs.

Recordings in various languages

If you're running an international business, you'll want your video voice over adapted to various markets.

And, of course, you'll want that done in a cohesive manner, maintaining the same tone of voice and rhythm of your original English Video.

Here's where working with a professional voice over company can make all the difference.


An agency can easily coordinate various actors to record the same script in several languages, without losing direction.

They'll take the weight off your shoulders and diffuse the same information to all talents on board, ensuring your message is kept intact, no matter the language.

Plus, a company can ensure your script is not only translated well, but localized to fit specific cultural contexts.

Wide range of voice over narration services

Explainer videos differ from ads or from corporate video presentation so it's only natural that recording a voice over will also require different skills depending on the video format.

If you decide to record the voice over yourself, chances are you might not know how to approach tonality, inflexions, and effects to suit specific formats.

A voice over company such as Amazing Voice can help you nail your script, no matter the type of video you need.

With professionals from various domains and industries, and technical experts who know what equipment and technologies to use, they can give a voice to several media types such as:

  • eLearning videos
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Software Tutorials
  • CBT (Computer Based Training)
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Audio Manuals
  • Internet Audio
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Audio Books
  • Product Demos
  • Public Announcement Systems
  • Web/Smartphone Applications

Time and cost-efficient

Working with an amateur actor can turn up to be a time-consuming affair due to the high-amount of effort you'll need to put into explaining what you want.

Plus, if the actor isn't able to nail down the script from the first couple of attempts, you'll lose money on several recordings.

Without even knowing, your plan of cutting down costs can end up costing you more than imagined.

To avoid all this hassle, you can choose to work with a professional agency from the get-go.

A company, through well-devised procedures, will help you streamline the recording process and save time by delivering fast and on-brief, every time.

As money is concerned, you shouldn't worry. The return on investment is more than worth it.


Can you afford to hire a voice over company?

While working with a voice over company might seem like a budget splurge, it's the best investment you could make for your business.

In fact, what you can't afford is working with an amateur who might stain your good-image through low-par quality recordings.

The money you spend on agency contracts is a long-term investment that will help your awareness and conversion rates.

Need a voice over company? Hire an amazing one!

Looking for professionals to handle your voice over narration? Then look no further than Amazing Voice.

With over a decade of experience and countless voice over recordings, their teams can help your videos come to life and yield results.

Let's start by discussing your business needs and see how we can hit the goals you're aiming for.

Get a voice quote now or contact us for an initial discussion that will set the course to a terrific collaboration.

Posted by Amazing Voice. February 05, 2021.
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