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Professional Voice Recordings for Narrations

e-Learning, Powerpoint, YouTube, Training Videos, and much more.

Narration Specialists

We bring you some of the world’s most accomplished voice over talents to help streamline the production of your organizations online narration. You retain complete creative control over the entire voiceover narration process; as our audio specialists, fine tune your project to your exact requirements. No matter how small or extensive your online narration and voiceover requirements may be, you can count on our voice over recording and audio production specialists to deliver.

We have spent over a decade speaking on thousands of topics, for just about any type of audience you can imagine. We know how an “amazing” voice over can make your video, product, application or presentation really come to life and be heard at its best.

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Narration Voice Overs

If you need a voice – why not make it an amazing voice!

You can choose from a diverse roster of expert voices that are sure to enhance your presentation. Add a touch of flair to your video. Put the professional polish on your Product Demo…and so much more.

We offer voice over recordings in most international languages. So no matter who or where your target market, we can make sure they hear you loud and clear. Top-notch voices to help you convey your message the way you intended it.

No matter the media, we can give it a voice

Here are but a few of the different types of voice overs that Amazing Voice has produced:

eLearning Voice Over
PowerPoint Presentations
Software Tutorials
CBT (Computer Based Training)
Macromedia Flash
Audio Manuals
Internet Audio
Virtual Learning & Courseware
Corporate Training Videos
Educational Videos
YouTube Videos
Audio Books
Product Demos
Public Announcement Systems
Smartphone Applications
In-flight Entertainment

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What to Expect

Person doing tutorial

At Amazing voice, our professional voice over artists are highly experienced in providing narration services. You can select from a large pool of our professional voice over talents to meet your needs. Whatever type of voice narration you require, rest assured that our professional voice narrators have got you covered.

Do you need narration voice overs for training or tutorials? Or perhaps for an app, or a YouTube video? Whatever your professional voiceover needs are, you are in the right place. Our audio narration services can be used for character voice-overs, audiobook, animation, gaming, documentaries, film narration, and much more.

Powerpoint presentation

We also offer professional voice-over recordings and narrators for PowerPoint and corporate presentations. If you need narrators for your award ceremonies or pre-recorded announcements, you can always count on us to give you a wonderful, professional voiceover.
We understand the importance of diversity in the narration voice-over recording genre, and we have the voice narrators depth to ensure that you will have just the right voice for your project.


We guarantee that your voice over recording project will be handled by the most experienced hands you can find in the industry at cost-effective prices. Do you need the services of a professional voice narration for your business? Do you need an expert narrator to bring that project to life? Then look no further because we are at your service.

Our voice over recording narrators can effectively portray the right energy level, pacing, and emotions to offer you a compelling and dynamic narration. With the right voice-over narration, you can keep your audience engaged throughout the project.

Film narration

We can assist you in communicating your project’s message and achieving the desired effect on your audience whether you require a powerful and commanding tone, a Caribbean ascent, a gritty urban sound, a male or female voice, then you are at the right place.
Get in touch with us to help you connect to your audience with our high-quality voice-over narration service.

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