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Male or Female Voice Actor: Which Should You Choose?

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Before you can start to create your voice over script and hire a voice actor, you must make the decision between a female voice actor or a male voice actor.

While this may seem like an easy decision, there are actually several aspects which must be considered before you make your decision.

Male and female voices have different tones, levels of inflection, and meaning when people hear them connected to their favorite products. Choosing the wrong voice actor for your company could cause you to lose customers, or worse, scare potential customers away.

Read on to learn what you should take into account as you choose between a female voice actor and a male voice actor and some tips to help you make the right decision.

Why Your Choice Between a Male and Female Voice Actor Matters

As a business owner, you may think that choosing between a male and female voice actor is an easy decision.

But the truth is, it is one of the most important and difficult aspects of choosing a voice artist.

Although you may prefer a certain voice or cadence, the reality may be that you need a different one depending on the scope of your business and the audience you serve.


In one study, it was found that male and female voices cause different parts of the human brain to react.

The female voice causes the activation of the right anterior superior temporal gyrus (also known as the auditory system), while male voices activate the mesio-parietal precuneus area (an area that manages responses), and as a result, humans react differently when they hear a male versus a female voice.

This means that choosing the wrong voice artist for your phone messages could lead customers to react in a way that you aren’t prepared for or isn’t congruent with your business goals.

Additionally, in another study it was found that the human brain infers certain aspects of the speaker when it hears a voice based on the tone of the voice and not the words that are being said.

This inference is natural and cannot be overridden even if you have developed the best voice over script.

Therefore, your choice between a male and female voice actor may be more important than choosing a script, as what is said by a voice artist is not nearly as important to the subconscious as the sound of the voice itself.


Below are some of the inferences the human brain will make when hearing a male voice actor versus a female voice actor.

Implications of Choosing a Female Voice Actor

When someone hears a female voice, it activates the auditory part of their brain, and this happens because a female voice is more melodic and complex than a male voice.

This part of the brain immediately goes to work to analyze what it is hearing, giving the brain a ‘read’ on who the person is who is speaking.

Because of this analysis that the mind begins subconsciously without the individual realizing it, people tend to perceive female voices as more trustworthy as the brain has more information about it.

Female voices are also more soothing, which can help to calm customers who may be calling a company for a more nefarious reason.

Not to mention that many people think of nurturing when they hear a female voice, meaning if you want to reassure callers, it can be beneficial to choose a female voice actor.

Beyond just considering how you want your customers to feel when they hear a certain voice, you also have to consider what product you are selling, as certain products are seen as less trustworthy when sold by the wrong voice.


For example, individuals who are shopping for makeup or female hair products would find it odd to hear a male voice discussing the product with them, as this is an area where they expect to hear a female voice.

It is important to note that female voices have a much larger range than male voices which is why it is important to listen to a voice over sample before you hire a voice artist to ensure the female voice actor has the right octave for your product.

Implications of Choosing a Male Voice Actor

Male voices are typically seen as more authoritative than a female voice, but in the same way, they can be perceived as too intimidating for certain industries.

While many companies might choose to go with a female voice actor, this isn’t always the best decision as there are some industries where a female voice wouldn’t be trusted.

The main industry where male voice actors are more trusted than female voice actors is the car industry.

Because customers who are comfortable are more likely to purchase a product, it’s best to do everything in your power to make them feel comfortable, starting with your voice over actor.


When you choose a male voice actor for your voice messages, you should do so because you are looking to convey to customers that you have authority in a particular subject.

And if you happen to have a business in the financial or automotive industries, then choosing a male voice actor may be the best choice because that is what your customers expect to hear when they call.

If you are struggling to choose between a male and female voice actor, Amazing Voice can help.

Head over to our website to listen to samples of both our male voice actors and female voice actors and talk to one of our professionals for help making a decision.

Tips For Choosing the Right Voice Artist for Your Business

Are you having a tough time choosing between a female and a male voice actor?

We’ve got some tips to help you decide between the two and find the best one for your business voicemail.

1. Listen to Samples Before Making a Choice

There aren’t many industries where you get to try before you buy.

But when purchasing a voice recording, it is essential to listen to a sample before you choose a voiceover artist.


A voice recording sample can give you an idea of the actor’s cadence and tone of voice, ensuring that it is the right pick for your business.

While you don’t want to overload your brain with listening to too many samples, it is a good idea to listen to at least 3 or 4 different voice over artists before making your decision.

It is recommended to listen to a sample of a voice over from each gender, because although you may have already decided on one or the other, hearing the actual voice may lead you to change your mind.

Don’t be afraid to listen to a sample more than one time to ensure the voice is the actor you would like to hire.

2. Consider Your Audience

As mentioned above, there are certain industries where a male or a female voice actor is expected.

Consider your average customer, are they a male or a female?

If your industry is split, consider the customers you want to serve more in the future.

Think of what your customers would want to hear when they call in to purchase a product, and your answer can help you decide between a male or female voice actor.


It is also important to consider that in some industries which sell to both men and women, for example ladies’ undergarments, it can be perceived as creepy to have a male voice actor even though men sometimes purchase the product.

You’ll want to keep these situations in mind as you consider your audience to ensure you choose the right gender voiceover artist.

3. Take What the Experts Say into Account

The experts in the voice over industry are experts for a reason.

It can help to look at studies of your industry and see what they recommend as far as a male or female voice over.

According to Speech Technology Magazine, tone also makes a difference when trying to sell a product.

Scientists have found that when trying to sell a product, a lower male voice is better than either a female voice or a higher tone male voice.

You can check the tone of your ideal male or female voice actor by listening to samples before you record your voice over.

4. Ask for the Input of Others Before Deciding


Even after looking at your market and listening to samples of voice over actors, it can be helpful to discuss your decision with someone you trust.

A business partner, especially one of the opposite gender, can help you to make a decision on whether a female or male voice actor is better for your product or business.

If you work with a team, it may be ideal to discuss with them as well, especially if you have a marketer that knows your target audience on the payroll.

After you have followed these tips, remember to head over to the Amazing Voice sample page in order to listen to and select your preferred voice over artist.

Can You Choose Multiple Voice Actors for a Single Project?

If you have a large voice recording project, such as developing a phone tree, it may be an idea to consider hiring multiple voice over actors.


For example, if you are developing a phone tree for a large business, it may make sense to have different voices for differing aspects of the business.

You may want to consider a lower tone male voice actor for the voice recording which leads to sales but want to stick to a female voice for departments like HR and problem resolution.

This way you can have a male voice over to promote sales, while having a female voice to calm those who are upset or facing a problem.

Two voice over artists should only be considered for large projects, however, and if you are a small business, it is better to pick either a male voice actor or a female voice actor.

What If You Can’t Choose?

If you are struggling with choosing between a male and female voice actor, the professionals at Amazing Voice can help.

They can guide your decision based on your industry and your voice recording goals.

It is also important to note that while choosing between a male and female voice actor may matter for some industries, it may make no difference in others.


One study found that in most industries, there is no preference between male and female voices, which means if your industry isn’t gender specific, you don’t need to waste too much time in your decision if you are finding it to be a difficult one.

And if you truly can’t choose, many professionals recommend choosing a female voice actor simply because of the calming properties of their voices that are likely to benefit a business in any industry.

Ready to Choose Your Voice Over Artist?

Have you made the decision between a male and female voice actor?

Head on over to our voice actor sample page in order to listen to our wide range of voice actors and choose the one which is best suited for your business and product.

If you still need some help to decide between a male and female voice actor, Amazing Voice can help.

Contact us today to discuss your voice project and for help with selecting the voiceover artist which is the best fit for you.

Posted by Amazing Voice. February 14, 2023.
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