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Editing - Voice Overs

Amazing Voice has expert audio engineers on staff that customarily employ all types of editing methods to your files. This specialized process ensures audio clarity, consistency and fluency of the files. These techniques include; removing unwanted noises (pops, clicks, breaths etc.), inserting uniform spacing (commas, periods, etc.), volume and tone analysis/correction, as well as structural editing, such as replacing words or sentences, copying and pasting audio segments or simply deleting specific passages.

Our Engineers can also apply a selection of boutique editing effects should you require; we can speed up (or slow down) the pace of the voice over. We can change the pitch - Making the voice sound lower or higher. We can even add the popular "Autotune Effect" to your voiceover!

Do you desire some interesting back–ground music or have a particular "sound" you would like inserted your voiceover production? We can mix royalty-free music or custom edit sound effects within your voice file.

There is virtually no end to what can we can do with your audio recording!


Editing - Audio File Format Conversion

Every Amazing Voice order includes a high-quality audio conversion into your required format. This is an important step.
We have a "tried and true" conversion process and professional software that can encode to most file formats in existence. We specialize in format conversions for the telephony industry.

Here are a few examples of some of the most common formats:

  • A-law
  • Bicom
  • Elan
  • NMS
  • CVSD
  • Nortel
  • Centigram
  • U-law
  • Dialogic
  • IBM
  • Intervoice
  • Micrologic
  • Philips
  • PCM
  • PhoneBlaster
  • Rockwell
  • SCll
  • Voicetek
  • Windows
  • Aspect
  • SoundDesigner
  • Real Audio
  • Mac
  • NeXT/Sun
  • OKI
  • IVC
  • Asterisk
  • Fonality
  • Trixbox
  • G.711
  • G.726
  • G.729
  • GSM

File extensions such as: AIFF, AU, IVC, MP3, RAW, SD, VCE, VOX, WAV, WMA, ETC...

Editing - Restorations

Amazing Voice has developed expertise in restoring damaged or noisy audio files. Audio files with undesirable artifacts such as, hiss, hum, pops, fuzz, crackles, etc. It may sound awful now, but these files can often be returned to their original state!

If you have audio with severe background noise over shadowing the voice, we can clean up the audio so you can clearly hear the voice.

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