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Telephone Voice Prompts for Any Application

Accurate and Professional IVR Recordings

Professional Voice Prompts

Our expertise in creating custom voice prompts ensures that our clients get the absolute best recording solutions for their company’s telephone system. Offering affordable voice prompts with a quick turnaround time, Amazing Voice ensures that your corporate image is successfully represented by a professional voice talent that sounds perfectly in-tune with your business goals.

We have been producing telephone voice overs for thousands of companies worldwide – from small “Mom & Pop” shops to the biggest International Fortune 500 companies. Our telephone prompt files are mastered in our professional recording studios and are optimized to be consistent and compatible with any phone system; be it VOIP, Virtual PBX or hardware PBX unit.

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Professional Voice Prompt Recording Services

We offer Voice Prompts for just about any imaginable situation; Voice Overs for Auto-Attendants, Virtual Receptionists, Voice Mail, Announcements, Message on-Hold, Phone Greetings, IVR, Marketing Messages and More.

All audio files are delivered in the format you need. And with a simple click of a mouse - you can download your recordings. It’s that simple!

Communicate ... your message clearly and effectively to your clients.

Professional ... to broadcast your message elegantly and with finesse.

Quality ... produced in our state-of-the-art recording studios.

International ... to service the most frequent requests among global call centers and companies today.

Format ... available for any application. We can also convert to most audio formats in existence.

Simple ... Step by Step process; just fill out the order form and let us worry about the rest.

Secure ... hassle-free purchase with your favorite credit card via our (SSL) online store.

Turnaround ... is quick. Within 4 days. (For small to medium sized orders).

Delivery ... One simple click to download your “ready to use” recordings from your account.

Guaranteed ... to your satisfaction – 100% – or we will redo your files.

With our large roster of professional voice talent, we make it our mission to deliver the very best in voice prompt recordings available anywhere. Click here to check out hundreds of rave reviews from our satisfied customers.

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As a professional voice-over service provider, we ensure that voice-over recordings are proofread and validated so that the final work will be perfect. We take out extraneous noises and breaths from within all our business voice recordings. Our sound engineers are always on top of things, making sure that your telephone prompts are expertly produced.

We always ensure consistency in the audio characteristics of voice prompts. You are guaranteed the highest quality professional recording for phone systems. We offer accurate and professional voice prompts that are engineered to meet industry standards. We are specialists in handling complex IVR recording projects, which may require the implementation of various languages.

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We also offer well-scripted voice prompts to provide valuable information and easy navigation for your customers. Why settle for less when you have a reliable, dependable, and professional voice over service provider to help you carry out voice prompt and telephone prompt recordings. The professional voice recording for phone systems we offer at Amazing Voice can help simplify complex caller operations. With our impeccable voice prompt recordings, we can help your customers get easy access to relevant information and interact effectively with your business systems.

Our professional voice-over recordings help decrease callers’ frustration, solve callers’ issues, and spur your business's overall growth. Get in touch with Amazing Voice today and let us offer you professional telephone prompt recordings and other voice over services at the highest quality.

How Can Voice Prompts Help Your Business?

Professional IVR Recordings

Professional IVR Recordings

With professional IVR recordings, customers can solve their problems without talking to a customer representative.

This is especially useful if your business depends largely on a lot of customer feedback and virtual interactions.

Voice Prompt Recording Service

Voice Prompt Recording Service

With our professional voice prompt recording service, you can be sure that your customers will be well taken care of - they will never feel like they are getting anything but the best possible customer service from your company.

With voice-over recordings that sound pleasant and professional, it is hard not to want to stay on the line for a little longer.

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