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Welcome to Our VIP Membership Program

Unlock a suite of exclusive benefits designed to streamline your company's voice over projects and save you money with our VIP Membership Program. Here's what you gain access to:

Exclusive VIP Benefits

Annual 5% Rebate

  • Yearly Savings: Receive a 5% rebate on all sales, applied yearly as an account credit to use for future orders.
  • Anniversary Credit: Your rebate is automatically applied on the anniversary date of your account upgrade, visible and accessible within your account dashboard.

Priority Delivery

  • Swift Prioritization: As a VIP member, your orders receive first priority on their due date, ensuring swift delivery. This benefit guarantees your projects are always at the forefront, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction.

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Personalized Support: Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated account manager familiar with your specific needs, from file formats and translations to any special requirements.

Company-Wide Order Access

  • Universal Access: Every user granted access within your company can view all order histories and details. This feature ensures team-wide visibility and coordination, making it easier to manage and collaborate on voice over projects.
  • Distinctive Organization: Orders are neatly organized under the "Company Orders" tab, separate from individual user orders, to provide a clear overview of all company-wide activities.
  • Efficient Management: Authorized users can effortlessly print invoices and download audio files for any company order, streamlining project administration and access to necessary resources.

This upgrade feature empowers your team with the ability to access and manage voice over orders across your entire company, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in handling your projects.

Ready to Enhance Your Voice Over Experience?

Elevate your company's voice over projects with Amazing Voice. Our Business Account Upgrade is designed to offer significant value and convenience, ensuring your projects are managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Apply today and take the first step towards a more streamlined and rewarding partnership with us.

VIP Upgrade: Exclusive Perks For Only $99

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