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Why And How to Get Started with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

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Interactive Voice Response systems or IVR menus are a great addition to a customer-centric business.

In this article, you will discuss the interactive voice response meaning and offer you the top insights on creating a successful IVR.

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are automated software solutions call centers use to guide their customers through a pre-established menu.

IVRs usually provide pre-recorded instructions for callers to retrieve information by themselves.

At the same time, in case of complex issues, an IVR system can redirect customers to the most appropriate call agents.

The system is activated through voice commands or keypad inputs from your callers, who thus choose among various options to navigate the pre-established menu.

For example, IVRs help callers to:

  • • Check their account balance
  • • Access account information
  • • Update PIN numbers or passwords
  • • Retrieve quick info on prices, products
  • • Answer feedback forms
  • • Make uncomplicated payments

The most advanced IVR technologies also use artificial intelligence to provide faster, more accurate answers.

In fact, IVR trends predict the rise of conversational IVR and digital voice assistants to a staggering 8.4 billion by 2024.

To implement an IVR, you'll need professional IVR recordings and IVR voice overs to capture your messages in the best way.

Companies such as the Amazing Voice can help you find the most suitable IVR voices and record them for your automated menus.

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Benefits of using IVR

Using an IVR can help your business improve the satisfaction rates among your clients and also help your employees provide better support.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider introducing IVR recordings in your support menu.

Run around the clock

Customers nowadays expect (and demand) immediate answers and solutions to their issues.

According to the latest statistics on customer satisfaction, your clients expect 24/7 support, faster resolutions, and an overall more intuitive and personalized experience.

While your customer center won't run around the clock with human agents, IVR systems can be on the watch non-stop.

A well-defined IVR journey will aid your callers 24/7, offering solutions when they need them.

If you opt for an AI-powered IVR, you'll also be able to customize your customers' experience, providing higher-quality support.

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Aids agents and empowers them

IVR systems can ease the job of your call center agents by equipping them with contextual information.

By having a quick overview of why a particular customer is reaching out, an agent will answer their needs faster and better.

They will have an automated system at their disposal to map where precisely in the customer journey a caller is and how they can aid them.

This will translate into more satisfied clients and happier agents, leading to increased productivity across multiple departments in your business.

Minimize human error

No matter how well you train your agents, you won't 100% eliminate human errors.

Mistakes happen as people get tired, distracted, or burdened by personal issues out of their control.

On the other hand, IVR systems can't be affected by such factors.

These can provide consistent quality, no matter what happens.

With a well-thought menu and process established, IVR voice overs will always give the correct information and be congenial to your callers.

Tips for implementing a successful IVR

Predict caller intent

Currently, 63% of callers don't like IVRs because they are forced to listen to irrelevant options.

And, truth is, most businesses implement IVR software without much thought.

However, your call center can leverage the benefits of such systems by simply putting in a little extra effort.

A well-implemented IVR system will help you better serve your callers by reducing the time they spend on the phone.

Essentially, IVR systems shouldn't take your customers through countless pointless menu options, but should be smart enough to interpret the information received.

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Find the most suitable IVR voices

The tonality, pace, and timber of your IVR voice overs will make the difference for your customers.

You want them in just the right mood to pay attention and have patience to follow instructions.

Consider reaching out to professional services such as the ones offered by Amazing Voice to find the most appropriate IVR voices for your needs.

When selecting your voice over, take into account the most common types of problems that your callers want help with and your industry's characteristics.

For example, if you work in the wellness industry, a female voice over will work best, but if you work in the manufacturing industry, a male voice over might be more appropriate.

Record in a high-quality studio

In order for your callers to have a seamless experience, your IVR recordings should be crystal-clear.

Having a less than perfect recording with white noise and disturbances will lead to your callers accumulating frustration — which is the very contrary of why you're implementing an IVR.

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IVR voices should be easy to understand and follow, making it easy for callers to navigate the menu and retrieve the information they need.

To make sure your IVR recordings are of the highest quality, reach out to a recording studio such as Amazing Voice.

We have all the necessary equipment and professionals to make your IVR voice overs sound incredible.

Want to implement an IVR for your business?

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in customer care, then implementing a smart IVR for your business is essential.

Get started today by thinking about what type of IVR voice overs you should be using.

Amazing Voice has a wide array of IVR voices and can help you with your IVR recordings.

Request a quote today.

Posted by Amazing Voice. October 26, 2021.
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